3Y0Z – Bouvet Island DXpedition

Several people requested a copy of the links shared in last night’s presentation at our club meeting. They are below. 73, John/K9KE

+ Main expedition page: https://www.bouvetdx.org

+ Boat tracking   https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/centerx:-50.1/centery:-56.0/zoom:2

+ Tracking of 3Y0Z vessel: https://share.garmin.com/bouvet

+ Global wind patterns: https://www.windyty.com/

+ Live propagation views: http://59925.org/view_3y0z.html
+ Propagation predictions
(small movies for each band through 24-hour day):https://www.bouvetdx.org/propagation/

+ CALLSIGNS: 3Y0Z and 3G9A/MM (while in transit on ship)