4 on the Fourth – run

the Elmhurst Running Club will conduct their Four on the Fourth race early morning thru downtown Elmhurst – Our club will support the race/run with communications. We will gather at 6 AM at the Rainbow Restaurant on York just south of North Avenue – KC9AMY and others will share assignments. Please bring a working HT (extra batteries always a good idea,) a reliable rubber-duckie, a pad and pen, a hat, sunglasses, and appropriate creams and ointments. The event is maybe two hours from their 7:15 am start to conclusion of your assignment. Volunteering is part of our franchise/license with the Government. Do you do your part – here’s another opportunity to both help the Club and fulfill your obligation to being a good amateur operator.

Elmhurst’s 15th running of our roses – (photo circa 2013 – when we all had a few less miles)