5 new hams – say no more

Lots of effort both by the five future hams who attended our recent weekend training classes for the FCC Technician license – along with the four YRC members who explained, coddled, motivated and told ham stories. The effort on the part of the students, combined with the care to teach by Greg, N9GL, Joey, AC9QS, George, KC9UIU and Todd, W9YK – got the job done. After a follow-up test session Friday for the two Elmhurst 13-year-olds, who hadn’t attended Saturday’s session – the passing rate, like last year was 100% – Also, a thank you to Mark, KB9TVD and his fine VE team who came out Sunday afternoon, and again during our November meeting – Finally a shout out to our principal emeritus Chuck, K9PLX – his weekend model works to a T – The long and short of it – five new hams to keep on hamming – now let’s reach out to each of these new hams and help Elmer and support their new hobby!