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The York Radio Club holds annual elections to create a Board of Directors and appointments are made for certain committee positions.  The following people have volunteered their time and efforts to mange the club’s activities:


  • President: John McCormick, K9KE
  • Vice President: George Tasson, KC9UIU
  • Secretary: Dave  Novotny, KC9AMY
  • Treasurer: Steve Jurasek, N9ZE


  • Tom Piszczek, W9WOX
  • Bill Vest Jr.,      N9WGV    
  • Guy Emma,      KC9MIG


  • Technical Chair:        Nick Fredrich,  <KC9WPR @>
  • Repeater Trustee:   Nick Fredrich,  <KC9WPR @>


19 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Thanks for the catch – yes, we meet in the summer months at the Elmhurst Fire Department Training Facility – Hope to see you there!

    1. need to take FCC test for license most likley ill see you at the 8/19/16 gathering

    1. meetings are held on the third Friday of each month –
      more information is available here on the web site.

    1. The Elmhurst Police currently rely upon digital UHF communications – only digital capable scanners will ‘copy’ their transmissions.

      1. here are two
        154.040 Elmhurst Public Works
        154.415 Elmhurst Fire
        and for more information on the Elmhurst Police
        visit Radio Reference – – see

  2. W9YK Todd thanks for the call today. I was wrapping up a call with my son. We use W9YRK because it is an equidistant direct line between him and I with about 7 miles each leg, which is about as far as my little handheld will reach. KA4ORB Frank

  3. Hello this is Carl (KF4WQH) and I live in Berywn. I am a newly accredited VE. Let me know if you know any club that can use me. Thanks..

    1. Please visit our club at the next meeting – Friday, October 20th – meeting at 8 pm – VE session begins at 7 pm – you’ll want to meet our VE Captain – Mark, KB9TVD

  4. Looking for info on the repeater KC9WPR. Is it active? It is yaesu fusion and belongs to your club according to repeater book. Thanks.

  5. Hi, are going to have those technician licence prep weekends anytime soon? Im am very interested in getting a license. I did comms and crypto in the navy and was an RF engineer for several years. RF is outstanding

  6. I am looking for a local radio club to provide a communications system for a community parade in Addison that is being planned in 2018. Is this something your club could assist with?

    Please let me know. Thanks.

    1. Susan –

      Getting the right person to get back to you about a possible 2018 Addison community event – Thanks, Todd, W9YK

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