Club repeater off-the -air

George KC9UIU, Bob WB9HYB and Nick KC9WPR made a site visit to troubleshoot the transmit power fluctuation issue. Initial indication showed high VSWR indication on the PA led fault indicator, installing the wattmeter at the output of the repeater, into the antenna feed line verified this problem. 

Troubleshooting revealed that we have a problem with the Celwave Super Stationmaster 455-5N antenna.  Substituting a 50-ohm dummy load for the antenna and sweeping the Andrew LDF5-50 line verified this. We also identified a defective lightning arrestor. Looks like we may have taken a near-field lightning strike. There was no visual indication of any damage. We shut the repeater down to minimize any further damage or repair expense. 

Please monitor our Club’s email reflector for details and this website.