W9YRC/R Repeater

The W9YRC Repeater Print
The W9YRC repeater is located on the roof of one of the tallest buildings in Dupage County. We consider ourselves very fortunate that this civic-minded company has allowed us to place our equipment and antenna at this location. They recognize and value the contributions that amateur radio makes during times of emergency.Given our location and the state of our equipment, it is not surprising that many hams in northeastern Illinois, northwest Indiana, and southeast Wisconsin call our repeater the “Bigfoot.” Our members and passing hams are often able to stay in contact with the W9YRC repeater as far away as Beloit and Milwaukee, WI, Benton Harbor and Muskegon, MI, Valparaiso and Gary, IN, and Rockford and Kankakee, IL.

Here’s the repeater information:

Frequency: 442.875 MHz
Offset: +5 MHz
PL Frequency: 114.8 Hz
Echolink Node: 305654

To use Echolink on the W9YRC repeater, simply listen to be sure the repeater is not in use, then identify your station and state that you are beginning an Echolink session. Using your DTMF keys dial # then the node number you wish to call. Again, once you have finished, use the DTMF keys to send “73” to terminate the link.
ALSO – please remember while using Echolink, to practice good repeater etiquette and norms, not only our repeater but also on the repeater/station you visit.

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