Weekend Review Class

Get your FCC Amateur Ham Radio
License in a Weekend

Saturday, November 11, 2023 – 8 am to 5 pm
Sunday, November 12, 2023 – 8 am to 5 pm

Testing to follow, Sunday afternoon

What can you do with Amateur Radio

  • Talk with Amateurs around the world, wirelessly
  • Communicate with voice, Morse Code, Digital, TV….
  • Talk with Astronauts on the ISS
  • Communicate through Satellites
  • Help in emergencies or disasters and local events like the
    Chicago Marathon
  • Build your own radios and antennas if you want, and experiment
  • Join the 770,000 other hams, get your license, join a club

What do you need to do to get your FCC license?

To get a license you pass a test from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).
There are 3 license levels, Technician Class, General Class, Extra Class There is a published question pool to study and books, software, and online sites help you study.  Start by passing the Technician class license test and you can get on the air. To do that, study for the Technician Class test material.

 York Radio Club offers a 2-day review class followed by administering the Technician Class test.

You can walk out a licensed radio amateur!

We encourage you to explore and learn before the
weekend training, to be better prepared for the class.
The suggested resource is the Ham Radio License Manuel
published by the ARRL –

Here are two online links for obtaining the book –



The class is FREE; there is a $14 exam fee

(required by our national amateur radio testing service – W5YI Group in conjunction with the ARRL VE Testing Program)

Class meets in the basement meeting room at:
Elmhurst Fire Station #1
404 N York Street
Elmhurst, IL 60126

There will be a short break for lunch on both days. There are several fast-food restaurants nearby or you may bring a sack lunch.

Also please bring with you …

Pencil or pen
Note pad
Calculator (not programmable nor a cell phone)
Picture ID for Sunday’s testing session

Register by filling out the form below

**Before Registration, make sure you have a
FCC Federal Registration Number
 (it is required)

Don’t have one? Don’t Worry!
To acquire an FRN# click here & follow The FCC’s online registration

Questions about getting your license and this weekend’s class?
Todd W9YK – – mobile – 630-921-9990  email – w9yk@arrl.net

Mark, KB9TVD – Volunteer Exam Coordinator
mobile –  708-562-6027
email  –    kb9tvd@arrl.net

Serving The Interests Of Amateur Radio in the Elmhurst area