the power of search

last year at a Club meeting we shared our favorite ham websites and then followed up by posting the best sites on our website –
Today, from the form on our website, we received this note – – –


I hope your week is going great! I’m a children’s librarian who just wanted to reach out because you’ve been such a big help with a young gentlemen I’m currently assisting. His name is Ethan and he’s currently working towards earning his Radio Merit Badge for Boy Scouts! We stumbled upon your page, while using the library’s computer for research and found it to be a great reference for him to learn from! Thank you so much! 😀

Ethan also wanted to help you out in some manner, so he had the lovely idea of sharing another resource we discovered. It’s and it’s a ham radio guide for beginners filled with additional resources. He learned a lot from it, so he hoped it could do the same for others using your page.  

Do you think you could add Ethan’s suggestion to your page if you’re able to? He said he will be back later in the week, so I would absolutely love to show him that his suggestion was up and running! If you’ve decided to, he would be so happy, and that would really make my day as a children’s librarian! Plus! I’m sure he would also be excited to show his parents that his suggestion was added to help other radio enthusiasts like himself. 🙂

Please let us know what you think!

Thanks so much again and best wishes,

Olivia Ingram

Thanks for helping with a Boy Scout’s Radio Merit Badge!