W9YK Receives award for Operating W1AW/9

To both commemorate the ARRL’s 100th anniversary, and to spur amateur radio activity, an operating event was conducted through out 2014 by the league.

The premise was for each state, two times in the year, to get on the air and give out contacts with W1AW from their state, (Illinois in our case.) Operators selected within the state would operate W1AW/p in their particular state.  Our member and experienced contester Todd, W9YK was honored to play a part and represent Illinois during the two weeks our state was W1AW/9 (a week in June and December.)
Todd made 1,600 QSO’s – some of those with fellow YRC members.  Hams around the world jumped on this ‘special event’ which made for much HF activity, especially on Wednesdays when the state would change, (there were two states each week, and each state tried to operate on multiple bands at the same time.)  Today Todd received a well deserved memento, which like other ‘wallpaper’ us hams collect, will most probably be proudly displayed in his shack.
We too, here at York, figured showing off this piece of recognition for his efforts would be the proper thing to do – congrats Todd and keep on hamming!

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