Listen to the ham world on your Mac or PC

Ever heard of WebSDR  ???  It’s slang for an Internet accessible amateur listening post – spread all around the world.

WebSDR web image s

Each WebSDR and it’s web page allow you to set up and control ham receivers which command software defined radio stations. You are a visitor who can control and enjoy listening as though you were there.

Click on the waterfall and slide the tuning indicator to where you see a signal/station. Choose your mode, band and listen away. That simple – Works fine on a Chrome browser as well as Firefox.  With or without Java – The support for HTML5 is outstanding.

This connection of ham SDR stations with web access have been experimenting and refining their applications for years and today they offer ease of use with tremendous listening experiences.
You can quickly transport your self to

VE1BWV – a WebSDR station in
Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada


Nantwich Secret Nuclear Bunker, England

or the mother lode of WebSDR stations

Serving The Interests Of Amateur Radio in the Elmhurst area