The Club organized and presented a Weekend Review Class for the Technician Class FCC license – We had 7 students attend, and all passed.

The sessions were taught by Greg – N9GL, Ed – N9EP, John – AC9UV, and Al – AC9WN. The group also included Rick – W9ZD, and Bill – WD9END helping with resources and materials. Todd – W9YK led the overall effort to produce another successful program.

Some history, York Radio Club, back in 2005, under the direction of
Chuck – K9PLX started this short two-day program. The objective, obtain one’s ham ticket in a weekend – The process for helping folks become hams has been run, by the Club, some 15 times since.!

Now the chore will be to further assist these seven new hams. All have been invited to our next Club meeting and each of them was explained what an Elmer is and numerous contacts were shared –

Congrats and keep on hamming!